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Youth Care Worker

Job Code:  27076
Facility: Natchez Trace Youth Academy
Location: WAVERLY, TN US
Travel Involved: None
Job Type: Per Diem
Job Level: 
Minimum Education Required: High School or equivalent 
Skills: Health Care -> Behavioral Health, Social Work/Case Management
Category: Healthcare - Rehabilitation,Support
FTE: .1
Position Summary:

Residential Treatment Program
Located in the beautiful Central Hills of Tennessee between two magnificent rivers, we work with young people from 12 yrs to 17 yrs old. This facility beds 87 male residents. These young men fall into the following categories: Court Ordered youth, Aggressive Youth, and Youth who have failed other RTCs. Our facility, wilderness setting, enables Natchez Trace Youth Academy the ability to offer a safe, deliberate and exhilarating process for stabilizing behavior, assessing physical and psychological health and BLAZING A TRAIL FOR SUCCESS.
The Natchez Trace Youth Academy is CARF accredited. Licensure: Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities for Residential and Tennessee Department of Children’s Services for Foster Care.

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Participates in the development and implementation of clients' behavioral programs by providing care and close supervision of facility clients and documenting behavior, by developing positive relationships with clients and co-workers and following facility policies and procedures, by implementing treatment plans and providing crisis intervention as necessary.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include, but are not limited to, the following:

____1. Contributes to the effective implementation of individual treatment plans of clients through "line of sight" supervision, positive interaction and role modeling, appropriate scoring of observed behaviors, and appropriate consequences or limit setting based on behaviors and program definition.

____2. Maintains safety and security of the facility through close observation and monitoring of the clients, maintaining optimal physical proximity, remaining alert at all times, and using analytical forethought to anticipate potentially volatile or unsafe situations and proactively intervene.

____3. Promotes development of clients' daily living skills through appropriate assignment, instruction, and supervision of tasks.

____4. Stimulates clients' interest and cooperation in various individual and group activities and programs through positive interaction, instruction, supervision, feedback and encouragement.

____5. Completes accurate and timely documentation on client's behavior as outlined by policy, reports observations to relevant staff and makes recommendations based on observations. Assists in preparation of other behavioral reports and daily activities log as required.

____6. Develops counseling skill methods and techniques under the supervision of program treatment professionals and uses those skills to conduct periodic individual or group sessions as necessary. Provides limited one-to-one contact with clients focusing on social development.

____7. Ensures compliance with all company policies and procedures and regulatory requirements, reporting any known or suspected violations to his/her supervisor or through other means identified in company policy.

____8. Assesses and ensures the needs of the clients are being met in relation to clothing, linens, and personal hygiene supplies. Supervises personal hygiene tasks.

____9. Escorts clients to work, mealtime, outdoor/indoor recreation, and education activities and participates in their supervision and instruction as needed. Transports residents to and from medical appointments or other activities as directed.

___10. Provides appropriate crisis intervention as necessary by anticipating and responding quickly to escalating behaviors, utilizing de-escalation techniques to diffuse the situation, correctly prioritizing safety concerns, following proper restraint technique guidelines, and displaying neutral emotions.

___11. Uses appropriate counseling skills by de-escalating aggression, using active listening skills, using appropriate tone and volume of voice, providing a high frequency and variety of positive reinforcements, maintaining appropriate boundaries, and promoting a positive peer culture.

___12. Consistently meets facility and regulatory training requirements by attending all mandatory meetings and staff training sessions as required.

___13. Assures cleanliness and orderliness of the assigned work area/unit and proactively assists in all security, maintenance, and safety functions as required for the overall facility.

High School diploma or GED and one (1) year experience working in a children's services program. Experience in a residential setting is preferred. A minimum of two years of college education with at least 12 semester (18 quarter) hours in the social sciences may be substituted for one year of work experience.

Valid State Drivers License with appropriate Endorsements

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